Backed by science

We aim to create strong and healthy individuals who are able to move well and work on their health independently and effectively through consistency and fundamental programming.

The Solidus Session

Our full-body treatment approach restores balance by decreasing tension, reducing pain, aligning your posture, increasing your range of motion, and building your strength.

1. Assessment

The first session at Solidus is a discussion of goals you want to obtain from your body followed by a screening process to see how well your body moves and to find the correct course of action for your treatment.

2. Treatment

Manual therapy is than given to affected areas to help restore movement and decrease pain allowing you to move freely.

3. Strength Training

The end goal of all patients is to get them into moving under the appropriate load to help strengthen and cement all adaptations needed for their lifestyle. Movement is Medicine.


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Our clinics are located in Clayton and Noble Park. If you're ready to elevate your body, click on the location that's closest to you, and we'll see you in our physiotherapy clinic soon.

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