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What do I need for my first session?

We don’t need a whole lot – just yourself, results if you’ve done any scans & an open mind to absorb information. We can be heavy on the details at the start, but we will send through a summary of the session for your reference after.

Can I claim if I have private health insurance?

Absolutely. While we don’t have a terminal that claims on the spot, the receipt we email will contain the code for treatment which may be used for online claims with your health insurance provider.

What's the difference between physiotherapy & myotherapy

If we boil it right down to its essence, there is very little difference between the two services when it comes to outcomes. The main considerations would be: preference & private health cover. All our professionals are ASCA accredited and will be able to take you through training effectively.

Do I need to train to improve my strength?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yes. Because most injuries tend to stem from a weakness in some aspect of your body. Turning a weak point into a strength often addresses recurrent injuries and improves resilience.