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Injury Prevention/Prehab in Melbourne

Have injuries in the past kept you from playing the sport or exercising as much as you’d like? You’re not alone. In fact, many people suffer from acute or chronic injuries that limit their ability to participate in physical activity. This is where injury prevention and prehabilitation comes into play.

Solidus’ injury prevention physios in Melbourne have a wealth of experience in helping individuals of all ages and abilities to reduce their risk of injury. Our prehabilitation program is tailored to each individual, taking into account your lifestyle, specific sport or activity, and any previous musculoskeletal damage.

What Our Clients Say

How can we help?

There is no one best method to treat an injury or pain. After we assess your body, we tailor your treatment based on your specific needs. This may be one or a combination of the services below:

What is Prehabilitation?

Prehab, also known as prehabilitation is a preventative measure to help you avoid injuries long-term. It involves improving your strength, flexibility, and stability so you’re better equipped to handle the demands of physical activity. By becoming more injury resilient, you’ll be able to participate in the activities you love for longer.

Our licensed prehab physios in Melbourne will work with you to assess your risk of injury and develop a customised plan to help reduce that risk. For athletes engaging in rigorous activity, prehab can be the difference between being sidelined or achieving peak performance.


Our therapists are all licensed health care professionals who can diagnose what your body is telling you and provide treatment to help reduce pain, correct posture, decrease tension, and improve the way you move.

Meet the Team

Why Injuries Occur and how Our Injury Prevention Physios can Help

Whether you’ve tripped and sprained your ankle or tore your bicep during a gym session, injuries can happen to anyone. However, certain risk factors can increase your susceptibility to sustaining an injury. These include:

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Weak stabilising muscles
  • Poor flexibility
  • Biomechanical deficiencies
  • Poor technique or form
  • Overtraining
  • Wearing incorrect or ill-fitting shoes
  • Not warming up or cooling down properly

Solidus’ injury prevention and prehab programs help to address all of these risk factors, applying a combination of corrective exercises, education and hands-on treatment. Our qualified prehab therapists will help you understand your body, how it functions, and what you can do to keep it healthy.

What you Can Hope to Gain from Prehab Therapy

Achieving optimal function is the ultimate goal of prehabilitation. A functional body is strong, balanced, and efficient, able to move in all planes without pain or restriction. This helps to perform at your best, whether that’s during competition or in your day-to-day life. Some benefits of Prehab Therapy include: 

  • Balanced, evenly-conditioned muscles
  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Increased joint stability
  • Improved movement efficiency

Our Approach to Injury Prevention

At Solidus, our prehab therapists take a comprehensive approach to injury prevention, examining your posture, movement patterns, and biomechanics. After addressing any underlying issues, our treatment plan then helps to restore dysfunction, optimise movement, and correct muscle imbalances. Some of our treatment methods include:

  • Strength and conditioning exercises
  • Stretching and mobility work
  • Education on how to properly warm-up and cool down
  • Advice on what type of shoes to wear, based on your foot type and activity
  • Ergonomic advice for office workers
  • Workload management and recovery
  • Hydration and nutrition advice

Injury Prevention & Prehab Near Me

Our clinics are located in Clayton and Noble Park. If you're ready to elevate your body, click on the location that's closest to you, and we'll see you in our clinic soon.

Based on 36 reviews
I highly recommend booking an appointment with Solidus if you're looking to get back to sports or need someone to help with recovery post injury.Between Julius, Darryl and the rest of the team, they've helped me get back to playing competitive basketball post Achilles surgery and postpartum!Also the deep tissue massages👌They even accommodated when I had to bring my baby last minute.
Claire L.
Claire L.
04:08 22 Jul 22
Julius is the man! I have been hesitant to see a new health care professional after many years of sticking with one type. However, if you’re prone to injury like I have been and can’t seem to pinpoint why and how to help relieve and prevent it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julius and his abundance of knowledge and care for the practice and his patients. Amazing work bro! Thank you so much for correcting my rowing pattern and putting me on the better path towards recovery and more gains!
The M
The M
08:25 23 Jun 22
Julius is the man. He has fixed all of my niggling injuries I have had over the years and continues to assist in the elevation of my training techniques. Thank you king!
Ben S.
Ben S.
04:13 08 Jun 22
Absolutely lovely people and fixed all my problems
Andrew L.
Andrew L.
09:09 01 Jun 22
Simply the best. Solves issues that noone else does and is always so positive about the future
Linda G.
Linda G.
21:24 30 Mar 22
Saw Julius to help with my chronic lower back pain, he diagnosed my problem within 5mins into the consultation by observing me complete a few simple exercises. He was very knowledgeable and efficient, the explanations he gave were all in line with how I felt and he customised a exercise plan for me on the spot and went through it with me to ensure I was doing them correctly. Julius was very thorough and honest too! Honesty is something I highly appreciate since it is a rare trait to find in any profession, he even said I probably wont need another session with him unless something changes significantly (instead of lying and stating i'd need a few more sessions). Highly recommend.
10:22 10 Dec 21
Julius is a king. He’s helped me countless times with an involved and meticulous approach to improving my physical health.
Oliver G.
Oliver G.
05:50 09 Dec 21
I was referred to Darly at Solidus by a very good friend who had achieved incredible results.After my first consultation I knew I would be on the mend.I had suffered back pain for over 10 years and thought it was something I would just have to deal with for the rest of my life.It was so bad that I could not finish a back workout or do any form of slightly heavier deadlifting at all.After following Daryl’s guidance with new programming, simple movements daily, getting squat shoes and actually learning the deep mechanics of my body (having long legs and a shorter torso) I now have NO back pain after 10 years. He has actually changed my life.I also had issues with my shoulders which he has fixed. Don’t get me wrong… you need to put in the work and follow the steps he gives you to adapt and change (in my case anyway) but with consistency I am a new person and am truly so grateful I was introduced to him.The only thing that upsets me is that I didn’t meet Daryl sooner 🥺Highly recommended.. no question or doubt at all. He is a Powerlifter himself so has on field first hand experience which is beneficial if you also lift weights.10/10 on all aspects. Very friendly guy also and always walks me out the door rather than just waving goodbye after our sessions.
Johnny S.
Johnny S.
00:53 10 Nov 21
In the last 2 years Julius Gastar has brought a damaged sciatic nerve back to life and restored wasted muscles in hip, leg and foot. I can now walk and drive again, where I had been numb from waist to big toe. Julius is an amazing healer - he uses massage, exercise, mind/muscle training, and weight exercises and encouragement to achieve his goals. He also consults widely on specific problems and issues. He has been a life saver for me. I am 78 years old - others had given up on me! I am still getting better even 3 years after spinal surgery. Thank you Julius.
Irene D.
Irene D.
02:01 25 Oct 21
Three years ago I had decompression laminectopies L4 mainly. I was numb from waist to big toe because my sciatic nerve was squashed flat. About 2 years ago a friend recommended Julius as he had helped her when noone else could. Since then Julius has brought life back to muscles which had stopped working. I now have movement in my toes and i can walk and drive again. It has been massage, exercises, weights and lots of encouragement. He has become an expert in feet and researches every problem and issue. It has been a long journey but he has brought me back to life and living. Irene Daly
Irene D.
Irene D.
01:32 25 Oct 21
I’ve had chronic back pain since I was 17-18 (I am now 30) and just lived with it as any time I went to a doctor and was referred to a physio, it didn’t help long term. I however started seeing my cousin Julius for it for the last maybe 1-2 years, and his treatment has definitely helped reduced the pain - some days I have none at all and it lasts for weeks or so which is a rarity! Daryl has also trained me and he is great as well !! Highly recommended!!
Jamila G.
Jamila G.
23:50 28 Jul 21
I was recommended by a friend to see Julius due to on-going hip issues which had been impacting my training for a while. I had seen many healthcare professionals in the past and Julius has been the only person who is able to fix me! Julius is super knowledgeable and has helped remarkably with any pain or injury I have, as well as with my mobility and form which has enabled me to significantly progress in my training. They are also super genuine people who truely care about your health and well-being, and can't thank Julius enough for his on-going encouragement and support. Would highly recommend!
Kimberly P.
Kimberly P.
08:05 28 Jul 21
I saw Julius for some back pain that I've had for years, and it's recently flared up. He diagnosed the problem near instantly, and gave me the corrective exercises to go home with. It's been a few weeks since seeing Julius, and years of back pain have all disappeared.Can't thank you enough. High recommended!!
Rocky V.
Rocky V.
02:58 25 Jun 21
Both Darryl and Julius are fantastic! Teaching me things I didn't know about my body while increasing my shoulder mobility and stability. 10/10 would recommend.
Brendon I.
Brendon I.
23:09 01 Mar 21
Julius and Daryl are extremely friendly and are two absolute experts in their field who have come together to bring amazing service. Their quality of work is exceptional and it is very evident that they take great pride in what they do and truly care about the health and wellbeing of their clients. I have seen Julius a handful of times over the past few years and he has always ensured that I am back to my healthy and fully mobile self in no time at all through his myotherapy and coaching/exercise expertise. These gentlemen are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet and I cannot recommend them enough!
08:59 16 Jan 21
Was recommended to see Julius by a friend as I've recently been battling with injuries that have flared up due to WFH. I'd never seen a myotherapist before so I was a bit nervous but Julius put me at ease right away and walked me through both my injuries clearly so I understood what was causing it and gave me simple exercises I could do at home to strengthen the muscles I was wearing out to avoid further injury and reverse the damage I'd done to myself. Overall a great experience!
Janette Lam S.
Janette Lam S.
08:11 03 Oct 20
I came into the clinic with a janky hip and unstable squat form.Julius has been able to guide me through the corrective measures to get me back into tip-top form.His methodical approach, mixed with firm rooted knowledge has helped repair my weight lifting foundations (am now well acquainted with the Bulagarian Split Squat :( )Fingers crossed for that 140kg deadlift.
Sophie S.
Sophie S.
08:15 28 Jul 20
I like how deep he can go. Those stretches and massages always hit the spot.
Elvis P.
Elvis P.
02:46 24 Jul 20
Felt so comfortable here thanks so much to Julius for taking care of me and my wife !
thai D.
thai D.
14:18 20 Jun 20
These guys are absolutely VITAL to maintaining my health. Super informative, and super supportive. I love that my recovery is not simply based on being treated, it's checking in with me between treatments as well as communicating with my Coach @ Jkingfit so that my maintenance is ongoing and proactive and not simply when I'm feeling sore.
Tina D.
Tina D.
06:19 16 Jun 20
Julius is incredibly knowledgeable and the treatment is always five stars. I’ve been seeing Julius for approximately two years and his services have never faltered. I see him for all my injuries and general body aches. He always gives strategies to improve my athlete technique. I can’t recommend him enough! If you’re looking to heal new or old injuries or just improve your physical technique I would look no further than Solidus!
Monique V.
Monique V.
05:47 16 Jun 20
The team at Solidus are fantastic and are the best I've been to. They genuinely care about keeping you in the best shape possible. They're great at explaining what's happened and how to maintain yourself long term.
Dee M.
Dee M.
19:41 20 Feb 20
Extremely professional team who, not only know their stuff, but also make it fun! It’s clear that Julius and Daryl are passionate about what they do and really want to make difference in people’s lives, which I very much appreciate. Highly recommend!
Snitta K.
Snitta K.
23:47 09 Jan 20
Well explained knowledge and gets straight to the point. Highly recommended!
Brian T.
Brian T.
05:05 09 Jan 20
I went to Solidus Health & Strength because I hit a plateau in my normal gym routine. Julius went through my form and helped me improve in the smaller details, which helped me progress significantly.He's now working with me on improving my core strength and general athleticism to help me with injury prevention.I Would recommend Solidus to anyone who wants to get to that next level.
Claire L.
Claire L.
07:19 01 Jan 20
Julius and Daryl are friendly and knowledgeable. Julius has treated me for various injuries and has helped me to continue to train around pain and smash PB's. He is a great motivator and has taught me to move well, lift well and live well.
huong N.
huong N.
10:54 18 Dec 19
Knowledgeable, good music. Great clinic !
Peter S.
Peter S.
08:05 07 Dec 19
He is soo good. I had a stiff neck, shoulder and back for the last two weeks. But he massageed and taught me some exercises and fixed me today. highly recommend !! Thank you
Sia S.
Sia S.
08:27 30 Nov 19
Julius and Daryl have taught me with so many skills in managing my own health. They deliver so much more than just hands on work. Julius has taught me practical skills in correcting my posture and Daryl has given me the confidence to squat and deadlift safe and effectively. I am moving and feeling the best I have in years, couldn’t thank them enough.
Nicole C.
Nicole C.
22:03 28 Nov 19
Julius and the team were so professional and friendly while treating me! His ability to explain why I'm feeling sore and then how to not only fix it but stop coming back is why I'd highly recommend him to anyone!
Vince Z.
Vince Z.
06:44 28 Nov 19
As a Myotherapist myself I am always quite picky with who I see. Julius has been my Myo for years. Not only personally but if I ever have patients who I am unable to help I will always advise them to go see Julius.His professionalism, knowledge and personal approach are second to none in the industry.
Spencer R.
Spencer R.
04:08 28 Nov 19
Julius has treated me multiple times and gave me great exercises to be able to perform at a greater level. His expertise is second to none. Thank you for your help!
Pania E.
Pania E.
00:26 28 Nov 19
Julius is a talented and experience myo with exceptional professionalism. Giving great treatment and knowledgeable advice on exercises to assist with the recovery and strengthening. I had injured my shoulder from jiu jitsu training. After a few sessions with Julius, I was back on the mat and training again. He has my full trust, and will definitely go back.
Duy C.
Duy C.
23:35 27 Nov 19


What is a prehab program?

A prehab program generally involves corrective exercises and stretching to address any muscle imbalances or movement dysfunctions. In addition to exercise prescription, we will also manage training workload and recovery. This will help build a stronger, more resilient body that is less prone to injuries.

Do injury prevention programs work?

According to reports, a strength program can reduce the rate of injuries by 33% and overuse injuries by 50%. If you’re competing in multiple competitions throughout the year, an injury prevention program ensures that you’ll be able to stay in top form and avoid any setbacks.

What's the difference between rehabilitation and prehabilitation?

Rehabilitation focuses on restoring function after an injury has occurred, while prehabilitation focuses on preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. Both play an essential role in maintaining a healthy body.

What is prehab before surgery?

Prehabilitation before surgery is the process of preparing the body for surgery. This will involve strengthening the muscles and improving the range of motion in the joints. This proactive approach can improve the surgery outcome and help you recover more quickly.

When should you do prehab exercises?

You should do prehabilitation exercises regularly. By incorporating these exercises as a part of your routine, you’ll be better prepared to handle any physical challenges that come your way. The following are some general guidelines on when to do prehab exercises:

  • During your warm-up or cool-down phase
  • On your off days
  • A specialised workout to target injury-prone areas

How often should I do prehab?

There isn’t a definitive answer as it depends on the exercises you’re doing, training frequency and personal goals. However, most people can implement some prehab work on a daily basis.

How can sport injuries be prevented?

Sports injuries can be caused by several different things such as overtraining, incorrect form, bad shoes, and not properly warming up. To help prevent sports injuries, you can do the following:

  • Incorporate a strength training component into your training
  • Include cardiovascular exercise and stretching to increase blood flow and flexibility
  • Warm-up and cool down
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated

What are the benefits of injury prevention?

The benefits of injury prevention include the following:

  • Reduces your risk of injury.
  • Helps prepare patients for surgery
  • Builds strength and restores function
  • Reduces the likelihood of you being readmitted to hospital 
  • Improves your quality of life

What will be discussed during your first consultation?

First we will discuss your goals, symptoms, medical history, and any previous injuries during your first consultation. We will then conduct a physical assessment to determine your current level of function and identify why you’re prone to injury. Finally, we’ll use this information to create a detailed plan to target your problem areas. 


For example, an assessment and prehab program for athletes may involve: 

  • A thorough assessment of your current training setup
  • An analysis of your technique on each lift and exercise
  • Identification of any muscle imbalances or movement dysfunctions
  • Prescription of corrective exercises 
  • Strategies to manage workload and recovery

We may also recommend additional work, such as dry needling or massage to help achieve your goals.

Why choose Solidus?

The Solidus team is passionate about helping people stay active and stay healthy. We have a wealth of experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation and constantly update our practices to stay up-to-date with the latest evidence. 

Finally, our Melbourne therapists pride ourselves on providing individualised care and attention to every one of our clients. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, we will develop a specifically tailored program to your goals.

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